Who Is My Neighbor?

To Be Extended

We will continue to exhibit this wonderful art by high school and undergraduate student.  Meanwhile, you can view these images online by entering our virtual gallery.


About Mary Louise Nichols

A short biography

Born and raised in Ferguson, Missouri, Mary has been doodling/ drawing for as long as she can remember. She started drawing at a very early age. The subjects of her works have including everything imaginable and many things unimaginable. At one point in time Mary drew every item on display at the St. Louis art museum. 

Many of Mary’s characters have derived as result of her vivid imagination, quick wit and creativity. Formally trained and educated in all things art related, Mary has many tools that she incorporates into her works. Her medium of preference is acrylic on canvas. Yet, she has and continues to work with other medium as well as experiment with new methods of creating art. 

You will see...

A big part of Mary’s recent work has been related to her concerns about the human condition in general. While some of her characters appear to be humorous in nature, many are intended to bring notice to viewers of much deeper subject matter. Mary is well versed in current events and utilizes her knowledge in her work. On display will be some of Mary’s works created in response to life in her world, from fisherman relaxing on a river bank, to people set ablaze by war and or caught up in a recent catastrophe.    You will also see a small sample of the vast body of Mary’s “Bug Paintings.” Mary is a friend of bugs and tries to show them as beautiful creations that belong in a place of prominence on this planet.