About Us

​A Presence of Peace in Ferguson, Missouri 

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd established the arts center in Ferguson in 2015, one year after the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown. Their intention was to be a presence of peace in a troubled city. Originally a studio and gallery for religious art depicting racial diversity, the facility evolved into Good Shepherd Arts Center (GSAC) and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2018. 

GSAC’s mission is “exhibiting art and offering experiences that affirm human dignity, uplift hearts and link creativity with spirituality, here in Ferguson, Missouri.”  GSAC’s tag line is “Beauty will save the world.” (Dostoevski)   

Core Values

Spirituality – We believe that all persons have a connection to God as they understand God, and that art can lead to richer spiritual awareness. We are interfaith.  Exhibits need not be spiritual in theme or content, but must clearly affirm truth, goodness and beauty.  

Individual Worth –  We believe in the intrinsic worth of each person, and affirm all aspects of human diversity. A guest is a guest, whether or not that person makes a purchase.  We offer classes and workshops that help persons develop their unique creative and artistic gifts.

Harmony – We do not promote political parties or agendas, religions, movements or service groups.  Our focus is art.  We nurture a unifying atmosphere in the Center.

Hospitality – We welcome all persons who enter the Gallery in a spirit of peace, and do all we can to be present and supportive to them.

For nearly three years, GSAC has hosted exhibits that address community and world concerns: and/or showcase the work of local artists, including students.   

252 S. Florissant Road | Ferguson, Missouri 63135 | 314-522-1155 | info@goodshepherdarts.org